June 8

Poem #3 – Letter Poem

Hey future me

Did you get good grades this quarter

Did you get a girlfriend, I mean what

Are you still laughing at Donald Trump building a wall to block the border

Remember when you were a 7th grader

Yeah, so do I

P.S Stop being a fool you little weebu

June 8

Poem #4 – Personification Poem

The tree speaks to me

Moves it leaves like it’s trying to tell me something

Or maybe trying to speak to the trees next to it

Is it hurt

Is it happy

Does it hate me

Does it love me

Maybe it just wants me to keep giving it Carbon Dioxide

Maybe it wants me to live longer and give me oxygen

The tree speaks to me

June 8

Poem #5 – Onomatopoeia

Buzz goes the bee

Queen calling the colony

Harvesting the pollen

The birds come, many bees to be fallen

The queen bee speaks to the colony, “Away!”

Bees carrying pollen traveling the winds and feel the pressure of a bird, swiftly zooming the air, cuckooing

Away, Away

May 26

Week #8 – Game TIme

For this week’s post, I commented on sarah1am.edublogs.org. One thing I like about her blog is how it shows all of her posts in subpages so I don’t have to do a lot of scrolling. She also has a panda and pandas are amazing animals in my opinion. I looked at some of her posts and it was great writing, it had great punctuation, great grammar, and also had some humor in it. I definitely recommend you visit her blog. Also I thought that I should only comment on Sarah’s because it seemed like that her blog wasn’t that recognized, but should be.




May 24

Poem 101

What’s it like in NYC

The arguments are like nothing

Over a Skype call

Purple Water Works

From the crevices of her eyes

Food falling from her shaking bowl

Blankets cover her eyes

Alarms go, wake up

Espresso dribbles in her mouth

Only to make her sleep

Instead of wake

May 19

Week#10 – Bye Blog!

Screenshot 2016-05-19 at 2.30.12 PM         I have made a bunch of blogs, maybe even around 15 – 25. I think that blogging was a really fun way to kind of write paragraphs and show everyone what you can do. I have about 6 widgets, and I think that is plenty to get me through a year of blogging. I have commented on about 20 people’s blogs ( honestly most of them are from the blogging assignments, but some of them are from the heart) and I think I could have commented on more people. People from all around the world live everywhere, but only 3 different people came to mine, sadly.  I have 6 drafts that  I never took the time to delete or continue, that’s one way to waste time and effort! I really hope I can do this again in eighth grade because it also shows how much I have improved in my typing or writing skills, even poetry skills! Tell me in the comments what you thought about blogging and why or why not. Good bye!

May 12

Week #9 – My Family

My family consists of many different personalities. I have a Dad, Mom, Brother, and a Sister.  My dad is a person I can definitely depend on in times of need. He is funny, helpful,  and is very supportive of me. My Mom is also someone I can depend on because she is always helping me with schoolwork I may not understand or helps with other things. She is funny, helpful, and enjoyable. I also have a brother and sister and they are both sometimes funny, annoying, or just get on my nerves.

I really enjoy my family (hopefully others enjoy theirs too) and I really can’t say I always deal with the same thing everyday because everyday is different because I never know what they are going to do to surprise me with another 24 hours. I almost forgot about my pet rabbit which is definitely always part of my family.


Caught red-handed Slayce via Compfight

April 20

Week #6 – Food and Culture

I have an Indian and Dutch background, so I have an interesting story to tell about my Food and Culture.


One of my favorite foods in my Indian background would have to be Dahl. Dahl is like a vegetable soup that can be assorted into a variety of different veggies or add meat if you would like. Aloo Matar is also a all time favorite because I can eat it with roti bread. Aloo mean potato and matar means peas.

Example of Aloo Matar –  Aloo Methi Masala prasanna Hede via Compfight

In my Dutch background, I like to eat this sugary dough like thing that is made usually only on New Years or for special occasions. Their chicken or ¨kip” tastes really good and I wouldn´t  be able to specify what the ingredients are. I have a lot more examples, but it is really hard to translate them into a way I can explain what they are and why I like them. Most of these things are acquired tastes so I can´t really recommend any to anyone.

My favorite American food are sausage and burgers, I would say fries, but they originate from France. I would also say pizza or pasta, but that is Italian.

What are your favorite foods?